Ag Gag Legislation - Bill 156

How do you feel about animal cruelty? Many of us fight to strengthen these laws as we know animals are living, breathing, beings, who deserve to be treated humanely. At Toronto Humane Society, it is our mission ‘to promote the humane care and protection of
all animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering’.

In an article by Humane Canada, Barbara Cartwright says “This fall, Alberta and Ontario introduced American style “ag gag” legislation that targets people who would report poor farmed animal conditions, abuse and cruelty. Typically, this type of legislation contains provisions that prohibit people from deceiving their employers and taking or possessing photographs, video or audio recordings without the farm owner’s consent, and levies significant fines to deter this kind of action.”

This type of legislation does not leave room for transparency or accountability, in addition it silences whistle-blowers; the very people who expose illegal or unethical activity or information.

Why should you care?

The entirety of Animal Protection in Ontario is initiated by concerned citizens who make complaints or bring forth suspicions of animal cruelty or neglect. If this “ag gag” type legislation were to become law, people who could report the abuse or neglect of an animal, especially employees, will not bring those concerns forward. If no complaints or concerns are brought forward, no action will be taken to improve the condition of the animals who are being treated wrongfully.

Together we can make a difference

Earlier this week, Bill 156, was referred to committee after second reading. In a time when we, as a society, are calling on the government for greater protection and accountability of animals, animals who are on farms are being made even more vulnerable by significant efforts to silence any reporting.

The committee meeting has been scheduled for March 27th. Please reach out to your local M.P.P. with your concerns before the committee meets. A draft letter has been written that you can access through Humane Canada’s website here.

Thank you for your support!


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